Sunday, 12 November 2017

More Rust!!!!

This is the project that kept going wrong!!
Inspiration from Sue Carrington
I used versamark to stamp the flowers, then sprinkled with rusting powder and once covered gently shook off the excess. At this point I thought ‘success’ only to be disappointed when I spritzed with vinegar because the stamped images looked blurred!!! Not to be defeated I left it overnight.
The next day the images were visible but with a halo of rust.
So then I sprinkled infusions over the fabric and spritzed with water. Waited for it to dry. Result! an even bigger halo of rust around the images!!!!
Then when I picked it up to place on the canvas the rust started to drop off! So to stop this happening I brushed on a couple of coats of matte medium.
This seemed to do the trick of containing any loose rust.
Next, on a canvas I painted patina green, sprinkled rust over it whilst wet then spritzed with vinegar. Left it overnight.
The rust looked good but the green looked too ‘clean’ to applied paint to ‘dirty’ it up.
Then I applied the fabric with matt medium.
To define the stamped images I used stencil glue then guiding flakes.
I then glued ‘rusty’ die cuts to the background and finally 3d glue.
To say I was going to bin it I think it doesn't look too bad now!!!

Materials used;
Paperartsy-fresco paints and stamps.
Rusting powder.

Challenge entered;