Friday, 29 January 2016

Purple Heart!

Purple Heart!
This will be another short blog post as I'm still struggling with the trapped nerve in my neck which is affecting my right arm/hand. Thankfully I am positively responding to physio and acupuncture.
I had this idea whilst sat waiting for my bloods being taken at the hospital, as you could say it's a bleeding heart, lol. The inspiration came from a mixture of the art work on the challenge post, link below.
I’m not a fan of red so decided on purple.
1. Used a brayer for the background and also stamped.
2. Sketched a heart in pencil. Painted with diluted purple and pearl so that I could get a sense of texture and the drips from the heart.
3. Wrote the lyrics from one of my favourite bands I loved in my youth.
4. Inked around the edges and added a freehand line to frame the heart.

Materials used;
Paperartsy Fresco paint – Spanish Mulberry,Orchid. Stamp ELB22.
Distress ink – Seedless Preserves.
Pearl paint
Black pigment pen.
Stamping card.

Challenge entered; 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

2016 Topic 1 - Transparent Art – Flower Pendant

I won't be typing as much as I normally would for this challenge as I'm suffering from a trapped nerve in my neck and I have lost the use of my left arm/hand. It is an ongoing problem I have had for many years but this is the worst I've been for a long time. So
I've  had to think of something that I achieve with using my left hand, I'm right handed!!

I was inspired by the charm necklace made by Tammy Tutterow featured on the challenge post. She used  UTTE but obviously a little dangerous one handed! I'm not that good with both hands lol.

I found a glass heart from my jewellery stash.
A few weeks ago I had stamped the JOFY flower using orchid fresco paint onto pearlescent card. Luckily I had cut some of them out as at the I can't even hold scissors!
Using gloss Mod Podge applied a flower to the back of the heart and waited for it to dry.
I missed entering the last paperartsy challenge last year, topic being ‘master boards’. So I had managed to stamp with paint some backgrounds on tissue as my master board but due to pain distracting me I missed entering! So I used one of them for the background.
Once the flower was dry I applied glitter Mod Podge and laid down two layers of tissue. Once dry I  got someone to trim it for me. I didn't want a solid background as I think it adds more interest.
I haven't attached a bail and cord for it to be a pendant as I will have to wait till I can get the use of my hand back!

Challenge entered;