Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Magical Infusion

Using a page from my journal.
Applied white gesso to the grey board.
Spread crackle paste through the stencil and left to dry.
Once dry applied a thin layer of Gesso. Then the magic begins!
Sprinkled infusions on the crackled flowers spritzed with water and the infusions disappeared!!! Tried again and most of the infusions disappeared! When I say I wanted the magic to happen I didn’t mean for them to disappear I wanted to see the explosion of colours!
Not to be defeated I carried on with the background and sprinkled rusty car on to the areas not crackled then spritzed with water. At least that was more successful!
Then a 'light bulb' moment I remembered I needed to seal the crackle once dry but if I did that now the infusions would move.
Dry brushed Smoked Paprika around the edges and also dry brushed Key Lime in the center.

I sprayed a gloss varnish all over the background. Put it to one side to dry.
OMG once dry there was a white ghosting/shadow formed around the flowers! Magic again, lol! I am not artist trained (my profession is a qualified nurse) so I don’t know why this happened! If anybody out there in blog land could tell me that would be brilliant or could it be pure magic!

Again not to be defeated, on a separate piece of thin card I brushed the infusions with pearlizing medium (in keeping with the glam theme) across the card. Finally something turned out how I had imagined.
Placed 2 blobs of gloss gel medium onto my craft sheet. Sprinkled infusions on the gel then using a sponge mixed the infusions as I sponged through the stencil.
Once dried I cut them out. Shaped them and glued them on top of the crackle flowers.
For the centres of the flowers I applied a blob of pva glue and sprinkled infusions over the top.

When everything was dry mixed a tiny amount of infusions with texture paste and scrapped through the squiggles on the stencil.
I stamped the sentiment on card left over from the flowers. Coloured 'Bloom' with a mix of white chalk paint and infusions. Tore the edges and dipped my finger into a tiny tiny amount of infusions and water and applied to the torn edges.
Used silicon glue to adhere them to the background.
To finish I Splattered with white paint.
I have only used the Rusty Car and Slime infusions for all of this design! The amount of different colours and versatility of these little magic crystals/powders is staggering. I love using them.
Alison Hall's blog post gave me the inspiration for this project.

Materials used;
PaperArtsy - Infusions Rusty Car, Slime. Stencil JOFY057.  Stamps JOFY24,37. Fresco Paint Smoked Paprika, Key Lime.
DecoArt Gesso, Crackle paste, pearlizing medium.
White chalk paint
Gloss spray varnish.

Challenge entered;