Thursday, 20 April 2017

Undercover Resin

Die cut a heart out of mount board. 
Applied gesso. 
Stamped blobby plants. 
Out lined with the mixtion relief and left to dry until it goes clear when dry but is still tacky. 
Applied gilding flakes to the relief. 
Filled in the blobby plants with the prism. Left it to dry overnight. I love the way the prism reacts whilst drying. 
When fully dry (the hardest bit of this project was not sticking my finger in it to see if its dry, lol) I painted the background with fresco paint mixed with a small amount of infusions. 
Coloured in the stems and stamped on the background with my favouritist stamp of all time! I must use it on nearly everything I make. 
The gilding flakes seemed to disappear a little and the prism went dull! I'm not sure if it's because I did get the background paint on it and I think with rubbing it off I have some how dulled the prism and not rubbed some of the paint off the gilded outline! 
To bring back the shine I applied glossy accents crackle medium and stuck on a 'melt pot' heart with Fantasy Film placed in it whist molten. 
Inspiration from the UTEE and Resin main blog post 

Materials used; 
PaperArtsy - Fresco paint-Orchid, Infusions-Blackcurrant, JOFY38, ELB22 
Pebeo – Prisme-Pearl Violine,Carribean Blue, Mixtion Relief 
Gilding Flakes 
Glossy accents crackle medium 
Fantasy Film  
Challenge Entered;