Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rusty Cogs

I started off with a plastic frame and a sheet of white card! 
My inspiration came from the challenge post  where there is a grungy 3D book cover designed  by Georgie C 

The frame  
I applied matt medium to the front and inner area of the frame. 
Sprinkled on rusting powder and spritzed with white vinegar then it's time to wait for the magic to happen. Once dry it really does look and feel like rust, the vinegar odour does eventually wear off but in the meantime it smells like you have been to the chippy! 
The frame had a thick acetate 'window' which I had put some of the rust around the edges of it but once everything had dried and excess 'rust' rubbed off the acetate was very scratched so I ended up cutting it out. I really wanted to keep it because it's easier to dust! 
For the outer sides of the plastic frame I spread Viva Décor Ferro with a spatula 
It wasn’t the right colour so I applied layers of paint so it blended in with the front of the frame. 
The picture/design 
I gathered together various sizes and depth of die-cut cogs and pipes, assembled them on the thick card then glued them to the card.  
I coiled some wire around a paint brush handle to make springs then poked them through the card and on the other end attached cogs. 
Using air dry clay with an alphabet, cog and pocket watch mould I made embellishments and glued them to the background. 
Now it was time to turn them 'rusty'. Using the Fresco and Artdecor paints I applied many layers till I was happy with the 'rust' effect. It seemed to take a long time because I would do a few layers have a break and then go back to it. Then add more layers if needed. 
A little bit of stamping with brown ink to add texture. 
I highlighted some of the embellishments with Viva Décor gold. 

Materials used; 
PaperArtsy – Rust powder, Fresco paints-Mud splat, green patina, smoked paprika 
DecorArt media acrylics – Quinacridone gold, paynes grey 
Viva Décor - Inka-Gold old gold, Ferro orangegold  
Matt medium  

Challenge entered;