Sunday, 20 August 2017

Book Binding with a Twist!

I would never have thought to use the papers like this if it hadn't been for the PaperArtsey challenge and the inspiration from the brilliantly talented design team.

My inspiration came from Raquel Burillo . Admittedly I haven't done the same book binding but it got me thinking that it doesn’t have to be the traditional methods such as using a needle, thread etc. I can't do the traditional as I have chronic pain radiating down my arms from my neck so I haven't much strength and dexterity. 

So, this is how I did my project. 
The papers I've used I got at a Sheffield Scrapstore (craft items for kids) a few years ago! They are samples of Ted Baker wallpaper. I can't believe how thick they are you would need some seriously strong wallpaper paste! I still have some left, it took me ages to choose which ones to use. then trimmed them and stuck them back to back. 
Next, I found some acetate from packaging, cut that to size. I used 3 pieces but the smaller of the pieces with the Paperartsy stencil didn’t look right so popped it between the pages. I wanted a layered look as if I had used thicker clear plastic/acrylic but I'm not sure that I have but I think it still works. 
I applied paint to various stamps and stamped onto the acetate pieces being careful not to slip. Some I stamped on the front of the acetate and some on the back. Same with the stencils. 
Then I added some cogs and screws I had left over from another project. 
Punched the holes.  
I started by threading ribbon through the holes (slip/whip stitch in sewing terms) but because I had only 5 holes it looked uneven at each end. Also, I want to be able to remove the pages to addesignsmediums etc. 
So, plan B! I simply used book rings! To make it look more interesting I added ribbonsfibres, charms also a butterfly and some beads that I had made with polymer clay a few years ago. 
Finally, I splattered paint onto the acetate sheets. 

Materials used; 
PaperArtsy- fresco paints Key Lime, Green Patina, Claret, Metallic Glaze, Mud Splat, Smoked Paprika, South Pacific. Stamps ESA04, ELB31, Stencil  
AALL and Create stencils 
DecorArt media paints (see photos) 
Pentart paint (see photos) 
Ted Baker wallpaper samples  
Acetate packaging  
Book Rings 
Ribbonfibres, charms, polymer beads and butterfly 
Challenge entered;