Thursday, 12 February 2015

Coffee n Tea Jars

Firstly drink copious amounts of coffee to empty the jars!!!!
·         Using a small flat paint brush I freehanded a wavy line about a third from the bottom and brushed on Mod Podge fairly thickly due to the fact that the glitter is tinsel.
·         Once I was satisfied with the coverage of glue I sprinkled on the green tinsel. It only took about 1 hour to fully dry. Once dry I brushed of any loose tinsel with a soft make-up brush. I thought that the tinsel would need 2 coats but I liked the look of one coat.
·         I applied glue to the rest of the jar using a wavy line to finish at the top.
·         Sprinkled on purple tinsel. Left to dry and brushed off excess tinsel.
·         Originally I was going to leave it like that but I decided it would look better and complete with glitter Mod Podge. It needed 2 coats.
·         With white linen card Cut 2 labels with the buckle die from tonic.
·         Applied glue to the band of the label and sprinkled crystal glitter, left to dry.
·         Using scraps of black pearlescent paper cut letters. Glued them to the centre of the oval on the buckle die.
·         The oval needed something on it so painted on glitter Mod Podge. It looked the same as the crystal glitter!!! So could have saved time by just using Mod Podge! Oh well, I know for next time.
I need to buy some Mod Podge Dishwasher so that I can wash them in the sink. It takes a while to cure but I think it will be worth the wait as I don’t want to ruin them by washing them.

Materials used;
Martha Stewart Tinsel Glitter
Tonic Studios Verso Strip Die Set - Beautiful Buckle
Tattered lace alphabet die taken from the front of their magazine
My craft studio crystal glitter

Mod Podge Glue - matt, glitter