Saturday, 14 February 2015

Silk Bracelet

I got the idea from MJ from Dandie crafts this is the link to her Blog.
In my crafting stash I have loads of small squares of silk, cottons etc taken from various material sample files.
They come with a frame of paper stuck to the back explaining colour etc.
·         Firstly I positioned the buckle die edge as close as to the edge of the silk so the base would have the paper backing as this makes cutting much easier and neater so as to avoid any fraying.
·         I painted a thin layer of Mod Podge on the front of the silk buckle base. I noticed a little bit of fraying as I had cut slightly off the paper backing! So what do you think I did next? You've guessed it, I pulled at the tiny piece of fraying silk and it ran all way up the buckle so making it look messy!!!
·         I decided to experiment on the silk that was left. I brushed on a thin layer of Mod Podge left it to dry then cut another base.
·         It worked. So with the piece of purple silk I brushed on Mod Podge and cut the decorative part of the buckle. It cut really cleanly except for the odd piece of thread being still attached which I cut with Decopatch scissors.
·         I stuck the two pieces together and also a coat off Podge on top to seal.
·         I tried it around my small wrist and the decorative part of the silk wasn't that visible because at the back of my wrist. I needed decoration on the oval part.
·         Thinking cap on!
·         I cut the butterfly on a piece of silk coated with Podge.
·         It did cut but it needed colour to define the butterfly from the flowers. I coloured it with alcohol pens but I didn't like it.
·         So I cut another one out of thick white card, coloured with glitter pens.
·         Sprayed with a gloss varnish so the colour wouldn't run when I stuck it to the bracelet with Podge.
·         Finally added another coat of Podge.
·         Glued a small square of Velcro to the ends of the bracelet as my clasp.

A little stiff but does fit around my wrist.
Not sure how durable it is but I love it and I can always make another one.

Materials used;
Tonic studios - buckle die and rococo mariposa petals die
Wink of Stella glitter brush pens - purple, black, pink.
Mod Podge - matt
Silk samples.