Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Verona Drawers

Firstly I must say this drawer unit was so easy to put together. There are no written instructions just drawings which were easy to follow.  
  • Once put together and glued I painted the base blue. 
  • The unit came with grey-board mats cut in various shapes. Which I thought was a really good idea as you are not painting directly on the MDF so if any mistakes are made it wont spoil the  look. Also it made it a lot easier to apply paint. I have a trapped nerve in my neck so struggle sometimes when an object I'm working on is 3D and have to get in uncomfortable positions also if I was to do a technique on the grey-board it is much easier when flat. For this I painted them all pink. 
  • For the drawers I used the die that is made especially the sizes of the fronts so I cut them with silver card. 
  • On all the other mats I stamped and embossed the swirls except for the matt on the top which I just stamped and heat set the ink.. 
  • Stuck the die cuts on the mats then to the drawers. Also sticking the other mats to the unit. The kit also comes with PVA glue! 
  • The top and the bottom of the unit are separate pieces. I could have glued them all together but I haven’t just in case I change my mind and decide to stack another Verona unit on top. The ‘legs’ actually make a tray when turned over. 
  • Applied 2  coats of gloss mod podge. 
  • Finished. Doesn't take long to make, the only time consuming bit is waiting for things to dry. 
I sent a email and photo of the Verona to Create and Craft Sunday 1st march, when Jo Austin was demonstrating and it was read out. 

Materials used; 
Paint  Indigoblu matt Teahouse Teal, Viva Décor Maya Gold Magenta paint 
Tonic Verona unit, Avante diesPVA glue 
Brilliance Ink – Platinum Plant 
Wow embossing powder - Totally teal 
Pebeo - silver gilding wax