Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Paperartsy - Bottles

Paperartsy – Bottles
When I saw this challenge my 1st thought was to decorate some bottles that me and my friend have been collecting. I am teaching her different things to do! So this challenge has given me loads of ideas and I can show or ask her to look at the wonderful makes by the design team and fellow challenge entries as inspiration!
It was Anneka’s (blog) challenge post  that I wanted to try. Im new to fresco paints so I’m delighted that I can use them on glass.
Firstly I washed the bottles so that there was no grease on the glass.
I sponged on the paint with a washing up sponge!
I really light the ombre look so I thought I would give it a go.
The 1st layer covered and blended really well.
The 2nd coat didn’t really cover as well and the reason being is I should have waited longer for the 1st coat to thoroughly dry!! Lesson to self – take notice of what Anneka says in her post, lol.
The 3rd coat was successful only the yellow seemed patchy when the sun shone on them.

I love the matt finish of the paints but to finish them I applied mod podge glitter which takes the eye away from the few patchy areas.
I think next time I will firstly apply a layer of gesso or matt medium.
I used cord and beads to decorate.
This is so easy to do. I have more bottles and jars to decorate but I will be using up some of my old paints then I have an excuse to buy more fresco paints, lol.

Materials used;
Paperartsy Fresco acrylics – Tango, Yellow Submarine.
Mod Podge – glitter.
My stash;

Challenge entered;