Saturday, 12 July 2014

Roses on the Horizon

This felt like my hardest challenge. I couldn’t really think of any techniques for this one.
My mind has been a little distracted this past two weeks with the diagnosis I got from my knee operation, thankfully everything went ok. I will leave a short post about my experience.
After racking my brain I came up with this design. I thought 'right' just get some materials out and go with it! My only problem is I want to use all my crafting stash all at the same time; I have too many mediums to choose from! I'm sure there are many of you out there with the same problem. No not problem but CHOICE.
·         Firstly I applied metallic PanPastels to card, the card at first seemed too smooth and the colour wasn’t as vibrant as I wanted but eventually I achieved a good coverage, it did help when I switched my daylight lamp on and saw the shine! Lol
·         I randomly stamped the large rose with Versamark and brushed PanPastels over it, repeating with a smaller rose and different colour of pastel.
·         In my stash I had some shaped card so i used that for the quote. I applied Versamark all over it then brushed on PanPastels but was left with lines where the pad had been placed so using the splat/blot stamps I randomly stamped them all over the card. I didn’t apply any PanPastels to these because as I stamped it pulled some of the colour off and I liked the effect.
·         I wrote the quote freehand.
·         Back to the background, I randomly stamped splat/blot stamps with Versamark between the roses. The stamps somehow managed to pick up some of the magenta PanPastels so that when I stamped them on the card it left a faded purple look which I actually really liked so left it like that. My Versamark pad is a little grubby to say the least. I must have had it a few years now and it's still going strong and I've used it loads of times.
·         I ruffed up the edges of the background and quote and stuck the quote onto the background.
Materials used
PanPastels - phthalo green, magenta shade, metallic's
Nikki Hall stamps - roses
From my stash -
Super smooth card
Soft brush

Challenges entered;