Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sparkling Key Cabinet


I bought the key cabinet from 'the works' website. I did my usual thing of looking at the dimensions and thinking that's a good size then when I got it I was shocked how small it was!!! Lol. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm sure at least once in a life time everyone has made this mistake.
·         Firstly I painted the cabinet with chalk paint, I only needed one coat. I must say I am pretty well impressed with the decor art paint. I've painted a dark brown varnished display cabinet, I didn’t do any preparation prior to painting and I only needed 2 coats. I think if I had used a paint roller rather than a brush it still would have been 2 coats but using less paint.
·         Had to lightly sand the wood after painting as it looked really rough, I was hoping the paint could have disguised it but not to be.
·         I then diluted some inkadinks with water and sprayed all over the cabinet but when it dried you couldn’t really tell that I had used it. It appeared to have soaked into the wood.
·         So I added some mica powder which showed up a bit more but to be honest you can't really see it.
·         Distressed the edges with green viva decor and polished it after applying. I really love the effect this gives every time I use it. It can be used on multiple surfaces too. Pinflare sell this but they call it 'Buff It'.
·         I used a green sparkle medium with a key stencil to decorate the glass.
·         In my stash I found 2 keys and a shape that looks like old fashioned hinges made with air dry clay. I sprayed the Inkadinks on my glass mat and using a brush to paint them. Them on the hinges I used Inka Gold and the keys I used sparkle medium.
·         I then decorated the corners of the glass with liquid pearls and distress glitter glue. I'm not sure I like what I have done but for now going to leave it as I have but later i may try and scrap it off!

Materials used;
DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint - Refreshing
Inkadinks - beany green
Mica powder
Sparkle medium - chartreuse
Viva Decor Inka Gold - green/yellow
Martha Stewart mould
From my own stash -
Stencil - key
Air dry clay

Challenge entered;